Saturday, September 18, 2010

Reading sheet music

One of the biggest downfalls of the majority of guitar and bass guitar players is the inability to read sheet music. With the notation form known as tab (short for tablature) many songs can be learned quite easily. The one major downfall is , however, that rhythms are neigh impossible unless you know the song. Even with some of the more advanced tabs, the rhythms are still challenging to read and would make sight reading nearly not doable. This is one of the reasons why reading is important. Of course there are many famous rock/pop musicians who probably couldn't read one note of sheet music, yet are highly successful. However, why should you cripple your self musically? I suggest ,if your a player who can't read, to start reading today. Get a beginners book on bass with only bass clef, no matter how advanced you are. At first it will be hard, but then you'll eventually get used to it and be able to sight read, putting you one step ahead of the other guy!
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