Thursday, September 2, 2010

Keep your ears open!

As a musician, you want to listen to and learn how to play/sing in as many different styles of music as you can. Even genres you may not like as much, because it expands your horizons and allows you to think in a different way then normally allowed. Its not even necessary per say to have to play that style, just listen to and study what's going on. This is especially imperative if you want to be a session musician (which is one of the few things I'd love to do for a living) because you never know what style of music you'll be playing that gig. For composers this is also great because it may give you new ideas to try out and fuse into your writing style. The best way to make sure you never copy another artist is by having extremely diversified influences! If you get only one thing from this article it is that to listen to as much music as you can and don't be so quick to change music you don't like so much, you may learn something great!
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